John Saginario

Good UX is in my blood.

I believe successful projects begin where they’re intended to end: with the person or people who will be using what I build.

This user-centered strategy embodies everything I do, from research and idea-generation to decision-making, coding and testing. And it helps me tell my story.

I want to thank you for visiting, encourage you to see some of my work, read some of my thoughts on killer UX and life in general... and if you’re so inclined, view my resume.

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat!

Work Examples

Company Website Redesign

A project to rebuild a company's website, beginning with need-finding and user research, and ending with prototypes and user testing.

company site image 1
company site image 2
company site image 3
company site image 4
company site image 5

A Better Healthcare Site

This concept, done for my Interaction Design Course, is for a comprehensive, easy to use search service for medical professionals.


Improving on Slack

Some free-form ideation to improve upon a popular, industry-leading communications platform.


My Stories

Lunchroom: Making of an App

Lunchroom: Making of an App

20 November 2016

When I began my Coursera specialization on Interaction Design, I didn’t think I’d be designing an app — let alone bringing it this far...

UX Things Matter

In UX, as in life, the small things matter

13 February 2016

You find a great deal on a pair of headphones online, and begin the checkout process. As you’re about to click “Buy” you notice that you...

Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey (and why it will never end)

17 November 2015

Three days before leaving for a family trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, I stepped on the scale...

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